February 2019 Newsletter

New Tax Law's Muddy Waters Begin to Clear


The new tax law is now beginning to hit home for both wage earners and business owners. Depending on media spin the new law is either a pay raise for workers or a boondoggle that only benefits corporate America.

The truth is, as it is with any new legislation, there are good things in the law that benefit everyone and there are bad things that cause everyone to say "dang it!" Or something like that...

Why it matters: Since it's passage in late 2017 there have been a lot of questions mainly from business owners about what they can and can't deduct. And until recently the IRS didn't have a lot of concrete answers. More answers have come out during 2018 and now that tax-time is almost upon us it's important to know what you can and can't do before you file. 

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February 2019 Newsletter

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Big Announcement Coming



We Have Huge News (they call this a tease)

For 10 years Deductr has led the way in automated business expense tracking technology for the independent and small business owner. In that time, Deductr has helped business owners save millions of dollars in taxes by making them more consistent and efficient in tracking and documenting every potential tax deduction available to their businesses. 

Deductr will be making a big announcement in March that will directly effect every customer in the most positive way imaginable.

The big picture: We can't divulge the big news just yet, but we're so excited about this announcement we wanted you to know it was coming so you'd make plans now to look for the March Newsletter in your inbox and register for the March Webinar.

To get in on the big changes coming to Deductr make sure you check out the March newsletter and register for the March Webinar.


Deductr Live Webinar


The Future of Deductr. It's Awesome!

There will be no training webinar in February as we prepare for the big announcement in March!

Be sure to check next month's newsletter for details of the announcement and the date and time for the March webinar where everything will be revealed.

We can't wait to show and tell!

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