August 2018 Newsletter

Is Another Housing Bubble Getting Ready to Burst?


Housing bubbles follow a predictable progression:

  • Stage One: Mania -- Prices rise at an accelerating rate as factors like excess central bank liquidity/loose credit/hot foreign money drive a bidding cycle well above sustainably affordable levels.
  • Stage Two: Peak -- Increasingly jittery owners attempt to sell out before the party ends. Supply jumps as prices stagnate.
  • Stage Three: Bust -- As inventory builds, sellers start having to lower prices. This begins a vicious cycle: buyers go on strike not wanting to catch a falling knife, causing sellers to drop prices further.

There is a proliferation of signs that the global boom in housing is suddenly cooling, but which stage of the bubble are we in and what does this mean for you as a homeowner or someone in the market to buy?

This comprehensive report from Adam Taggart at Peak Prosperity will help you get a feel for where the housing market is currently and where it's going.



If Your Tax Authority Needs to Contact You


What do you do if you get a call or a letter from someone claiming to be from the IRS (in the US) or CRA (in Canada)?

First, it's important to know what they will or won't do if or when they contact you. Scammers are always trying to fool people into doing things that will help them steal the tax refund of an honest taxpayer.

Knowing how your tax authority handles any personal contact with you is the first level of defense against thieves who want what is rightfully yours.

Click the tab below for the full article explaining what both the IRS and CRA will and won't do if they need to talk to you.





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