July 2018 Newsletter

Form These Habits for Business Success


Over the years, Jim Connolly, a marketing and business professional, has worked with thousands of business owners. Some of them are extremely successful. He soon noticed these people shared certain habits. They did things the average business owner didn't do.

He decided to learn from them; acquire their habits to see if they would help him too. It did. In big, meaningful, measurable ways.

We want to share some of what Jim learned with you.

Click the link below to see what changed his business life forever and how it can do the same for you. 



Sole Proprietorship or Partnership?


Starting a business is both an exciting and nerve-racking time.

Exciting due to the prospects of success and possible financial security and freedom. Nerve-racking because there are so many questions about how to get started, what kind of business entity is best, and how to deal with the big "T" -- Taxes.

In this post, we'll look at the most common entities for a new small business; sole proprietorships, and partnerships, with the intent of helping you determine which would work best for you in your personal situation. 





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Summer Time Deductr Party!!!

OK, it's actually more like a training webinar. But the 4th of July weekend just ended and you've probably partied pretty hard already. So this will give you a little time to take a breather and find out how you can save $$$ on your taxes.

Join us for a free LIVE webinar on Thursday, July 12th at 9:00 PM Eastern time and we'll show you how easy a system can make your tax life. Get registered. It's easy. As easy as Deductr makes expense tracking!

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