June 2018 Newsletter

Give Your Kids a Job and Get a Tax Break


If you are a small business owner and have children at home, one of the best ways to save income taxes for 2018 is to put your kids on the payroll.

The tax advantages can be quite meaningful, and the greater your income, the larger the tax savings. Your employed children must actually work and provide meaningful services to your company, and you should keep accurate payroll records for them.

Naturally, the amount you pay your children must be reasonable, just in case you are ever audited by the IRS. No $1000 a month salaries for emptying the office trash can. But this one strategy could help you pay for all of your dependent kids regular activities including school costs, clothes, and their fun, all tax free!

It's like getting a double dip on your taxes!



Start Prepping for Next Year's Taxes NOW!


You’ve made it through tax season after spending hours toiling over your return — it’s OK to stop thinking about taxes now, right?

Not so fast. Tax pros say there are a few planning tricks you can try right now, while the pain is still fresh and your paperwork is close at hand, to make tax prep (and your tax bill) lighter next year.

So get it out of your hair now. Here's how...






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The perfect sleeping aid...just kidding. We work really hard to make our webinars engaging, interesting, and non-drowsy. 

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