MyBusiness Tax Years

This section will allow you to Manage your MyBusiness Tax Year Profiles

1. Add a new Tax Year 

2. Changing your Tax Jurisdiction

3. Quickly view your MyBusiness Setup Progress

4. Make Changes (Edit) your MyBusiness Setup. 


1. Add Tax Year 

Note: This is for current and previous years only. The system will automatically add an upcoming year on January 1st. 

STEP 1:  Click "Add Tax Year" 

STEP 2:  Select your Tax Jurisdiction

STEP 3:  Select Year  

STEP 4:  Click "Create"


2. Changing your Tax Jurisdiction

Deductr has been used as the expense tracking tool of choice for thousands of independent business owner's worldwide for several years even though the tool was originally only geared toward US Tax Code. However, along with a full United States version, Deductr has a full Canadian version based on Canadian tax code and an International version allowing ALL independent business owner's all over the world to keep track of their business expenses, mileage, and activities. 

STEP 1:  Click on the "Jurisdiction" drop-down, next to the year that you wish to change
STEP 2:  Select United States, Canada or International. The system will update your change. 

3. Quickly view your MyBusiness Setup Progress Bar

The Progress Bar should be at 100%. 


4. Make Changes (Edit) to MyBusiness Setup 

If your Progress Bar is NOT at 100% completion OR you just want to review what you have entered, follow these steps. 

STEP 1:  Click the "Action" button next to the year you wish to view/change. 

STEP 2:  Select one of these options for your MyBusiness Setup Tax Year Profile

Clear - To clear all MyBusiness Setup profile data for year selected.

Delete - To delete the Tax Year.

Expert - This version of MyBusiness Setup is recommended for experienced Deductr users. For additional help and context for these values, please see the Full Version.

Quick Start - This version will allow you to use all the features of the Deductr now, but you will want to complete the "Full Version" before tax time so your Tax Reports are complete.

Full Version - To get the most accurate tax-savings calculations and reports, we recommend that you complete the Full Version of the Setup, which will take you about 15 minutes. (Highly Recommended)

For Additional information on MyBusiness Setup, click HERE.

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