iOS - Activating GPS

How to activate your iOS GPS for the

Deductr 2 mobile app


To avoid receiving the following error, please follow these simple instructions to activate your GPS the first time you launch the Deductr 2 app, perform an update or if at any time you have disabled your iOS GPS. 

Step 1:  Launch the Deductr 2 mobile application

Step 2:  From the Action tab, select Log Mileage

Step 3:  Click Start

Step 4:  Select Allow


To verify your GPS settings for the Deductr 2 mobile app, follow these additional steps: 

Step 5:  Go to your iOS settings

Step 6:  In your iPhone Settings, go to Privacy > Location Services

a. Ensure Location Services are turned on, and

b. Ensure the Deductr 2 app shows Always

Step 7:  If the Deductr 2 app has not been granted access to use your location services, it will be listed as Never. 

Step 8:  Click on Deductr 2 to change from Never to Always 

Congratulations! You are now ready to begin accurately tracking your mileage using the Deductr 2 mobile app using your iOS GPS!  

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