Notice About Your Account - Disabled Access


ALERT - Notice About Your Account

If an update or change to your Deductr subscription is required by you, you may receive an alert notification upon login or a courtesy email notification with additional information. 

Accounts could be temporarily disabled for the following:

  • Missing payment method
  • Expired CC
  • Payment processing error or declined payment
  • Expired Subscription



To enable your account, please follow the specific instructions below based on the type of subscription you have with us.

Subscription Type:

Direct Pay Step 1: Click "Update Billing / Plan Information" on the pop-up alert OR go to My Account > Plan, Billing & Payment.  
  Step 2: Complete required action. Examples:
  • Add missing payment method
  • For expired cc, enter new card info
  • Click "Pay Now", if processing error or declined payment
  • Purchase new plan, if subscription has ended.
3rd Party Step 1:  Contact the 3rd Party to ensure you are active. Reactivate, if applicable.

Step 2:  Once activated, please contact Deductr Support and our representatives will be happy to enable your account access.

Note:  If you are no longer associated with the 3rd Party, we can switch you to a direct pay subscription.

Need further assistance?

Please contact our friendly support team if you have any questions or need any further assistance and they will be happy to help!


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