ProPay Connection Process




Step by Step Instructions to connect your account

to Deductr's BankLINK


Step 1:  From the Home Screen, click "Link to a Bank Account" under Account Setup Status. 


Step 2:  In the BankLink Connections tab, click "Connect to a Financial Institution".  



Step 3:  Type "ProPay" in the search field and click Search.  


Step 4:  Select the connection for ProPay that will appear in the results from your search.



Step 5:  Enter your Propay account number (not credit card number). Once entered, click Submit.


Step 6:  Click on the drop down menu to select the folder for where you wish your transactions to be imported into, then select Update.

Note: If you have previously connected ProPay to Deductr, you may already have an existing folder. If so, please select the existing folder rather than selecting New. 



Step 7:  Next, you will need to activate Deductr on your ProPay account. Click the Log in to your ProPay account link provided in the instructions. 



Step 8:  You will be taken to ProPay's website where you will sign into your account and provide authorization for Deductr to connect and receive daily transaction history.


Step 9:  Log into your ProPay account. Go to My Account > My Profile > Change Options, and click on the "Third party notification of options" link. 

Enter a check mark into the box next to Deductr.

Once you have reviewed the Information Sharing Disclosure and Relase, select "I agree" at the bottom of the screen. 



You have successfully linked your ProPay account!

Note: Previous transactions for this financial institution are not sent to us. ProPay will begin sending transactions daily going forward.

You should begin receiving transactions into your Deductr PRO account from ProPay within the next 48 hours. 

Once transactions are imported, a message notification will be displayed. 

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