How do I Export Transactions to QuickBooks?

How To Export Transactions to Quickbooks


Step 1:  Backup Company files before importing - see article below.


Step 2:  In Deductr, go to the Transactions screen. 



Step 3:  Select the date range for the specific time period of transactions that you wish to import.

  1. We recommend NOT exporting until all changes for this time period are final. 
  2. If you have previously exported data for a specific period of time, keep in mind that QuickBooks does not recognize duplicate transactions. You may want to delete previously imported information from your QuickBooks for those dates before re-importing.

To change the date range, simply slide the blue bar to select specific dates. 


Step 4:  From the menu to the left, select "Export (QuickBooks)"  



Step 5:  Save the I.IIF (Intuit Interchange Format) file to your computer.  



Step 6:  Open the file and begin formatting following QuickBooks instructions. 



Click the following link to be taken to QuickBooks Support for Additional Instructions regarding QuickBooks formatting and .iif files:




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