Purging Transactions

What happens when a Transaction is Removed? 

When a transaction is removed from the Confirmed tab or Unconfirmed tab, it is moved to the Removed tab where you may purge it at a later time.


How to Purge a transaction from the program

Note: If you have BankLINK set up, it is recommended that transactions only be purged after they are 90-days old. 

From the Removed tab, there are two ways to Purge a transaction: 

1. Click on the line item and select "Delete"

Step A: 

Step B: 

2. Select the line item by placing a check mark in the box to the right, click on "Bulk Actions", and select "Remove". 

Step A: 

Step B: 

Step C: 

Note: This cannot be undone. The transaction will be removed permanently. 


Note: You can purge all transactions by clicking on the top box to select all. 


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