Designating your Default Vehicle

How To Designate a Default Vehicle


Tracking multiple vehicles in Deductr is a valuable tool! 

Designate the vehicle that you use most often as your "Default Vehicle." By doing this, the online program and mobile application will auto populate this vehicle for you when no alternative is specified. 


STEP 1:  Go to the Mileage Screen.



STEP 2:  In the Vehicles section, click on the edit icon  next to the vehicle you wish to designate as your "Default Vehicle."



STEP 3:  In the Edit Vehicle window, enter a check mark  for Default Vehicle.

One Vehicle can be designated as the default vehicle. This should be the vehicle most frequently used for recording mileage and transactions. The designated default vehicle will be automatically selected as the first in the list when vehicle selection is needed. 


STEP 4:  Click Save


If you have Multiple Vehicles and wish to add another vehicle,

click here for further instructions!

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