Removing Transactions (via Deductr Web Version)

Removing Transactions

via Deductr Web Version


If you do not have separate bank accounts or credit cards for your business, personal transactions that are not applicable to your business will be imported into Deductr through BankLINK. 

You will want to remove these transactions from your business transactions in Deductr.

You can remove Transactions two ways:  

  1. Deductr Web Version 
  2. Deductr Mobile App 

This article will cover how to remove transactions in the Deductr Web Version. 


How Do I

Remove Transactions? 


To remove ONE transaction at a time 

1. Click on the line item

2. Select Remove






To remove MULTIPLE transactions at once:

1. Check the box next to each line item

2. Select Bulk Action

3. Click Remove







Selecting the top box, allows you to Select All Transactions. Be sure to use this option only after you have first reviewed all transactions displayed on the page.






What happens when a Transaction is Removed? 

When a transaction is removed from the Confirmed tab, it is moved to the Removed tab.

When a transactions is removed from the Unconfirmed tab, it is moved to the Removed tab.

Transactions in the Removed Tab can be restored or purged.


What happens when a Transaction is Purged? 

Transactions Purged from the Removed Tab are permanently deleted and cannot be restored.




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