Upload Receipts

Upload Receipts

(Deductr Web Version)


The IRS / CRA may require that you keep an original hardcopy of a receipt for your business transactions. However, storing a digital copy of the original receipt in Deductr provides you with an additional layer of backup as your original receipt may fade over time. We encourage you to keep your original receipts, just in case you are ever asked for them. 

You can upload a receipt two ways: 

  1. Deductr Web Version 
  2. Deductr Mobile App - Capture Receipt

This article will cover how to add a receipt in the Deductr Web Version. For Capturing a Receipt using the Deductr Mobile App, Click Here.     


Upload Receipts

in the

Deductr Desktop Version!


Select the Receipts Tab on the Home Screen



Click Add Receipt 



Enter Date and Title for the Receipt



Click Choose File to upload receipt from your computer or other device.  

The image data will appear once uploaded successfully



Click Add



View your newly added receipt data in the Receipt Screen.

(Use Blue Bar to view specific time range or year)



Click image icon to view Receipt

Depending on file size, use your mouse to scroll to see the entire receipt captured



You may also click Download 

to store receipts on your computer or other device




The Print option allows you to print out a list of the receipt data only.

Pictures of the receipts do not show in this report (at this time) 



Print Options vary based on OS & Web Browser you are using.

Example: Mac OSX operating system / Google Chrome Web Browser




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