Ending Odometer

Where do I enter the Ending Odometer reading

for my vehicle(s) for the year?


From the Home Screen, go to Mileage


In the Mileage Screen, under "Vehicles", select the Edit icon next to the vehicle you wish to edit.  

The Tax Year will default to the current Tax Year. 


Another year can be selected, if the "Date Placed In Service" falls in that particular tax year. 

Note: An ending odometer reading is required for the Vehicle, Tax, and Mileage Reports for any tax year the vehicle is used for your business. 
If you have not entered an Ending Odometer Reading, your reports will reflect your Beginning Odometer Reading also as the Ending Odometer Reading AND you will see a Warning asterisk. View the Warning alerts at the bottom of each report. 
How To Enter an Odometer Reading
Select the appropriate Tax Year, Enter the Date of the odometer reading (mm/dd/yyyy), enter the actual Odometer Reading, and click Save. Click Cancel to exit this window once done.  
Note: For tax purposes, a specific vehicle must be declared to get the deduction. Start with the vehicle you will use most of the time for business. 
You are now all set! View your Ending Odometer reading appear in all applicable Reports.  

Note: Remember to select the Tax Year in each report. 

Vehicle Report


Mileage Report


Tax Report

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