How to Setup for Canada Sales Tax - (GST, HST, QST)

Canada Sales Tax

If you do not see the appropriate Sales Tax fields online or in the mobile application for your Canadian Jurisdiction, this article will walk you through the steps to ensure you have the correct Canadian settings. 
The program and mobile application will show additional fields for Sales Tax only if you have answered specific questions in MyBusiness Setup.
Step 1: From the Deductr Home Screen, select "My Account" 


Step 2: Click on "MyBusiness Tax Years"


Step 3: Ensure that you have selected "Canada" under the Jurisdiction drop down menu. (Note: Default is United States)

Step 4: Select "Full Version" from the Action drop down menu to complete additional information needed. 

Step 5: You will be guided through the MyBusiness Setup.

   - Not completed / Missing information

   - Completed


Step 6: Under the Income Taxes section, ensure that you have selected the correct Province. Click Next to save your answers. 


Step 7: Under the Sales Tax section, ensure you have selected "Yes". You will then see two additional fields where you can enter your Registered Sales Tax Number and (if applicable) Quebec Sales Tax Number. 

Click Next to save your answers. 



You are all set! You will now see the additional Sales Tax fields in the online program, as well as on the mobile application! 


Online View                                                           Mobile View



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