Edit Personalized Categories

Edit a Personalized Category

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This Help Center article will show you How to Edit (Rename), Deactivate (Hide), Reactivate (Unhide), and Delete a Personalized Category.  

Options for personalized categories: 

Edit Name            Hide / Deactivate            Show / Reactivate            Delete 


If a category is Active (not hidden or deactivated), you can Delete the category , Hide / Deactivate the category  or Edit the category name. 

If a category is Deactivated (hidden and not active), you can Delete the category, Hide / Deactivate the category or Edit the category name. 

Why do I not see these options on all categories? 

The program has Default Categories. These categories are linked to various aspects of the program and therefore cannot be edited. 

Default Category: No Options                       Personalized Category: Various options


How to Edit (Rename)
Go to the Transactions screen. On the menu options to the left, scroll down, and click "Edit Categories".
In the pop-up window, you will see the entire list of categories. 
Scroll down to the personalized category that you wish to edit. Click on the icon shown here: 
The Edit window will expand. Rename the category then click Enter or Return on your computer to Save. 
Your personalized category has been renamed successfully. 
You will now be able to assign transactions to this category!


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