Beginning Odometer

Where do I enter the Beginning Odometer reading

for my vehicle? 

Step 1:  Go to My Account 


Step 2:  Select MyBusiness Setup 


Step 3:  Select which Tax Year you wish to update

Step 4:  Select Automobile Expenses


Step 5:  In the Automobile Expenses section, scroll down to enter the Beginning Odometer reading for the current vehicle.

Note:In this part of the setup, you will be asked for certain information about your vehicle, including the beginning odometer reading (from the beginning of the year if possible).

Periodically updating the ending odometer as you track your mileage will make the vehicle expense report more meaningful.

By keeping your odometer reading up to date, Deductr will calculate the greatest vehicle deduction possible for all estimated calculations.

For tax purposes, a specific vehicle must be declared to get the deduction. Start with the vehicle you will use most of the time for business.


Step 6:  Enter the Beginning Odometer reading HERE and click "Next" to save answers in this section. 

Viewing in Reports:  

The Beginning Odometer reading will be displayed in both the Mileage and Tax Reports

Mileage Report

Tax Report

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