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Currently, we support over 40,000 different financial institutions in both the US and Canada, and we are expanding our list continuously with Money Desktop/MX. 

If you are unable to find your financial institution in our live feed, 

1. If searching by URL, try searching by the name of the financial institution.

2. If searching by the name of your bank or credit card, type only the first name of the financial institution.

Example 1: Access First Federal Credit Union. Search for "Access First" as Federal Credit Union may be abbreviated "FCU" 

Example 2: Chase Bank. Search for "Chase" instead as this is a large financial institution with several connections. 

3. If using an acronym, try searching a different way. Perhaps by using even the full name of the financial institution. 


When contacting support by phone or email, please have the following information available: 

1. Name of your financial institution. 

2. Type of Account (checking, savings, credit card, et cetera)

3. URL (web address) that you use to connect to your online banking for this particular financial institution. 

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