Confirm BankLINK Transactions (via Deductr Web Version)

Confirm Transactions

via Deductr Web Version


You can confirm BankLINK Transactions two ways:  

  1. Deductr Web Version 
  2. Deductr Mobile App 

This article will cover how to confirm transactions in the Deductr Web Version. To confirm transactions using the Deductr Mobile App, Click Here


How Do I Confirm my

BankLINK Transactions? 


From the Home Screen, go to Quick Entry, and

click Confirm


This will take you into the Unconfirmed tab

on the Transactions screen



Click on the line item you wish to confirm


This will open the Edit Transaction window



Complete blank fields and click Save

Note: Information received from Financial Institution is pre-filled


NOTE: Remove personal or non-business related transactions by clicking the Remove button. Transaction will be moved to the Removed tab where you may purge it later.



You will now see your transaction in the

Confirmed tab



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