Customize Reports

Make Deductr yours. With the help of a simple customization engine known as MyBusiness Setup, you can create more accurate, personalized, and meaningful reports that will guide the decisions you make in your business. 

Get Real-Time Data and Measure Your Performance

Deductr creates several business and tax related reports in real-time during the year so you can always see where you stand with regard to your business tax situation. This video will show you how to access the reports and what they mean. 

How to Print / Download Reports? click here. How to View Reports? See instructions below. 


Your Deductr account provides the following reports:

Projection Reports: Tax Preparation Reports:
Profit & Loss Tax Report
Tax Summary Mileage Summary
Vehicle Report Activity Log
Home Office Report Medical Report
  Contractor Wage Report
  Child Wage Report

Note: Reports vary each tax year based on your answers provided in MyBusiness Setup.


This article will show you step-by-step how to view your detailed projection and tax reports. 

View Reports

From the Deductr Home Screen, go to Reports




Select the report you wish to view



Change Tax Year, for a previous tax year

(defaults to current tax year)





Review report



NOTE: To update information in report, go to specific section in program and make changes. Then, go back to report, and review. 


These reports will help you and your tax professional stay on top of your business expenses, so you only pay what you legally owe, and not a penny more!




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