Deductr Subscription - Plan, Billing & Payment


Account Subscription

From the Home Screen, go to My Account, and select the Plan, Billing & Payment tab.


What actions can be performed in this section?

  1. View Plan Type
  2. View Renewal Date
  3. Upgrade Subscription
  4. Add or Change Payment Method
  5. View Deductr Subscription Invoices
  6. Pay for Subscription
  7. Cancel Subscription

Did you know that your Deductr Subscription is a deductible business expense?

Categorize this monthly or annual subscription each time you renew!



Note: Deductible for paid plans only. If you receive Deductr for free through one of our Affiliates, be sure to keep track of any expenses you pay them directly for their services.

Plan, Billing & Payment Screen Summary:

View Plan Type

  • Description of your specific subscription (monthly, annual). 
  • Renewal Date is given next to your plan type.

Upgrade Monthly Subscription to Annual

  • Discount included for annual subscriptions. On average, Deductr Annual Subscriptions save over $40.00 per year.

Add Payment Method

  • All paid plans require a current payment method. 
  • We accept Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, and Discover.

View Invoices

  • View your detailed payment history in the Invoice section. You may print this for your tax records. (Print Screen)

Pay Past Due Balance

  • Past due accounts are disabled. If your account has been disabled, please update your payment method and click "Pay Now" to bring your account current.

Cancel Subscription

  • To cancel your Deductr subscription, click the blue "Cancel" link and your account will be cancelled at the end of your billing cycle. 
  • Be sure to PRINT any information stored in the program for your tax records before the end of your billing cycle.



The Deductr Newsletter is a monthly publication.

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