Add an Account without linking to a financial institution.

Financial Accounts Screen

Add an Account without linking to a financial institution.

If your Financial Institution is not currently showing in our picklist or you do not wish to connect your bank with our BankLINK feature, you can still keep track of those transactions! 


Step 1: From the Home Screen, select My Account


Step 2: Select Financial Accounts


Step 3: Click on the "Financial Accounts" tab. 


Step 4:  Click the orange "Add an Account" button. 


Step 5:  Select, "Add an account without linking to a financial institution."


Step 6:  Enter your new account name, select the type of account, and click Add. 

You're Finished!...You will see your account in the Transactions screen under "Accounts"

You can now begin entering transactions for your new account. 

Remember, if your bank becomes available and/or you decide to automate your account with Deductr's BankLINK, you can come back here to the Financial Accounts tab and link this account to a financial institution! 

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