Capture Receipt via Mobile

(Deductr Mobile App)


The IRS / CRA may require that you keep an original hardcopy of a receipt for your business transactions. However, storing a digital copy of the original receipt in Deductr provides you with an additional layer of backup as your original receipt may fade over time. We encourage you to keep your original receipts, just in case you are ever asked for them. 

You can upload a receipt two ways: 

  1. Deductr Web Version 
  2. Deductr Mobile App - Capture Receipt

This article will cover how to add a receipt in the Deductr Mobile App. For Uploading a Receipt using in the Deductr Web Version, Click Here.


Capture Receipts

on the

Deductr Mobile App!


Click Capture Receipt on Action Screen 



Enter Merchant Name & Receipt Date 



Select Take Picture



Select Camera or Photo Album 



Take a picture of the Receipt



Select Retake or Use Photo



Select Submit



Your receipt will upload to the server



View your receipts online under the Receipts tab



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