Capture Receipt via Mobile


Capture Receipts

Making a purchase for your business? Before you tuck the receipt away in your wallet or pocket, take a quick snapshot using Deductr's Capture Receipt feature! It's that easy!


Now you have a digitally stored photo saved in your Deductr account that will never fade.

You work too hard to leave time & money on the table and you are too busy building your business to spend hours collecting old receipts and bank statements. So, do what you do best - Build your Business!

Get rid of that shoebox and let Deductr help you keep more of what you earn!

*Data/Wi-fi Connection needed to save receipts to Deductr's servers.

How to Capture a Receipt

Select Capture Receipt



Enter Merchant Name & Receipt Date



Select Take Picture



Select Camera or Photo Album



Take a picture of the Receipt



Select Retake or Use Photo



Click Submit - image will upload to Deductr server




You're done... View your receipts online under the Receipts tab!


The IRS / CRA may require that you keep an original hardcopy of a receipt for your business transactions. However, storing a digital copy of the original receipt in Deductr provides you with an additional layer of backup as your original receipt may fade over time. We encourage you to keep your original receipts, just in case you are ever asked for them.


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