Reactivating disabled Custom Categories

Reactivating a Disabled Customized Category

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If a custom category has been disabled, you will need to reactivate the category in order to assign transactions to that specific category. The category will appear in the "Edit Categories" screen, but will not appear in the active list. 

Edit Categories view:                                    


Active List view:


Why is the category deactivated? 

1. Home Office 

    • Deductr has automatically disabled this subcategory as the program calculates Home Office Deductions by what is entered in MyBusiness Setup. Therefore, this subcategory is no longer needed. 

2. Start Up (U.S. Customers only)

    • Deductr has automatically disabled this subcategory (previously available in an older version of the program) as each transaction should be categorized under a specific category. 

3. Custom Category was Deactivated

    • Custom categories can be deactivated if no longer needed, but have existing transactions assigned to the category. 
Reactivating a Category 
Go to the Transactions screen. On the menu options to the left, scroll down, and click "Edit Categories".
In the pop-up window, you will see the entire list of categories. 
Hover over the category to view the Edit options. Select the Reactivate icon shown here.
Your web browser (example Google Chrome) will then display a message. Click "OK" to reactivate the category.  
Once you click "OK", the category will be reactivated. You are now ready to assign transactions to this category! 


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