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Deductr Mobile App

Android and iOS compatible


Take Deductr on the go and manage your Deductr account anywhere. Quickly track your income, expenses, time, and mileage throughout the year, making tax-time virtually effortless.

Of course, the mobile app is a FREE download with your Deductr account! 

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Logging In

Use your Email Address and Password to Log In.


Forgot Password?

Click the "Forgot your password?" link or

Reset it online under My Account

Languages Available

English, French, and Spanish

For instructions on changing preferred language

Click Here


Minimum Phone Requirements

iOS and Android devices must meet these specifications to use the Deductr mobile applications:
  1. Internet access, Wi-Fi / Data
  2. Fine location / GPS
  3. Camera 

Fine location uses GPS (Global Positioning System) satellites to get an accurate fix of the phone’s location. Depending on where you are in the world, it can be as accurate as 3 feet. However, older phones struggled to get GPS fixes, particularly if indoors, around tall buildings, and in cloudy weather conditions. It also requires more power to activate GPS on the phone and can drain battery.  

The Deductr mobile application uses the GPS functionality of your phone to automatically track your mileage. 

View Battery Use percentage of Deductr on your device by going to Settings. Battery use will be minimal compared to other services / apps running on your device. 

To prolong battery life, stop any apps or services while not in use. 



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