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As a business owner, you unlocked a very important door. That door opens up to significant advantages, benefits, and tax savings not available to a W2 employee. Deductr helps you get the tax deductions your business qualifies for without the headaches associated with complex bookkeeping and tax tracking systems.
Did you drive your vehicle for your business today? Did you spend money on your business today? Start using Deductr now to capture your deductions! Plus, we'll give you real time feedback showing how much money you are saving each month in taxes with every business expense logged, including mileage! 
For many users, this adds up to hundreds of dollars back in their pocket every month from tax savings.
Did you know the IRS requires you to track the time and expenses associated with your business? Deductr is the best way to do this! Deductr helps you maximize your deductions easily and automatically and in many cases prompts you for deductions you may otherwise miss! 
Here's what you do to get started:
1. To access your Deductr account, log in at, using your personal login credentials provided in your Welcome Email
To change your password, simply log in, click on My Account, go to Email / Password, and update your password there.
2. Complete the "My Business Setup" that customizes Deductr's patent-pending formulas to your personal business and tax situation.
3. Automate your tracking by linking your bank to Deductr though the MyBankLink™ feature. This ensures you do not forget to record transactions, because they are automatically imported for you! You simply need to confirm them when you have a free moment.
4. Download our FREE Mobile App titled "Deductr". 
iPhone users: Download Deductr from the Apple App Store. 
Android users: Download Deductr from the Google Play Store. To login to the mobile app on your smartphone, simply use your email address and password. 
5. Take "The Deductr Challenge" and watch the Tax Savings Estimate Blue Bar grow! The Blue Bar represents your estimated tax savings each month based on the expenses logged in Deductr. How fast and how high can you make your Blue Bar grow? 
If you need any help accessing your account or getting started, please contact our friendly Customer Support at
We are committed to your success, so please do not hesitate to reach out to us for assistance.
Happy Saving!
Deductr Support Team 
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