Financial Accounts Screen - Overview

 Financial Accounts Screen Overview 


In the Financial Accounts screen, there are 3 Tabs: 

1. BankLINK Connections Tab:

a. Connect to a Financial Institution,

b. View Existing BankLINK Connections,

c. View / Edit Accounts for specific BankLINK Connection,

d. View Recent Activity or Remove the Connection for a specific BankLINK Connection. 

2. Financial Accounts Tab: 

a. View Transaction Summary,

b. Edit Account,

c. Unlink Account. 

3. Deactivated Accounts Tab: 

a. View Deactivated Accounts,

b. View Transaction Summary for Deactivated Accounts,

c. Reactivate Deactivated Accounts,

d. Delete Deactivated Accounts & Transactions.

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