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Step by Step Instructions

Step 1: From the Home Screen, click "Link to a Bank Account" under Account Setup Status. 


Step 2: In the BankLink Connections tab, click "Connect to a Financial Institution".  


Step 3: Enter the name of your financial institution or URL in the search field and click Search.  

Note: Entering your financial institutions name will produce more options.     

Bank or Credit Card not found: click here

Step 4: Sometimes financial institutions will have various connections. Select the connection for your personal account. 

Step 5:  Enter the personalized login credentials that you use to sign into your online banking with this financial institution. Click Submit. 

Login Error: click here

Step 6: You are now connected to the financial institution.

Now, select which accounts you want to link to Deductr. 

Accounts will default to "Do not import"

Click on the drop-down menu to select which folder you would like your transactions to import into.

Do this for each account you wish to "link", then click Update. 

Step 7: Deductr will then send a signal to this financial institution requesting a 90-day transaction history. 

Transactions will then be imported into Deductr from the specified accounts. (This may take up to 20 minutes for transactions to be sent from your financial institution).  You may close the Financial Accounts screen --- You are done!  We will continue to work in the background.

Once transactions are imported, a message notification will be displayed. 

Step 8: To view the status of your account(s), click "Accounts"

You may unlink or relink account(s) at any time by repeating Step 6.  


You have successfully linked your Financial Institution!

Repeat this process for each financial institution that you wish to link to Deductr.


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