Why do I need Deductr?

If you want to minimize taxes, you need to start a business.

According to both the IRS in the US and CRA in Canada, you must be able to document your intent to make a profit to qualify for business tax deductions.

In order for you to document your intent to make a profit, you must keep accurate records of your income, expenses, mileage, activity, etc.

Deductr is an extremely simple, yet comprehensive system to show your intention to profit and provide the evidence to support that intention.

Without a system to help you keep up with the many business expenses and tax deductions available to you, losing valuable deductions is inevitable. Procrastination and forgetfulness with regard to tracking and recording deductible expenses during the year can extract a heavy toll at tax time.

Deductr was built to eliminate this common problem without requiring you to become a tax expert.

Deductr automates the tracking process and makes sure every expense is recorded and available to prove your intent to make a profit and the legitimacy of your business.

Deductr helps you to Think Outside the Shoebox.

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