September 2017


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In This Issue:

  • LIVE Deductr Training Webinar - 9/19
  • What's the Price of Tax Reform?
  • Taxes are Now Biggest Family Expense
  • 11 Things You Should Know About Bitcoin
  • Laff Trax: Finding Humor in Life


Associated Press 

What's the Price of Tax Reform?

President Donald Trump and congressional Republicans have pledged to overhaul the nation's complex tax code. To slash taxes, they say they'll curb a web of expensive deductions and credits to allow more revenue to flow to the government.

Major cherished tax breaks — from deductions for mortgage interest and charitable donations to incentives for 401(k) contributions — have deep-pocketed supporters and lobbyists who are sure to fight to preserve those benefits. They add up to hundreds of billions of dollars in lost potential revenue that could otherwise go to rebuilding roads and bridges or social programs or even to help finance broader tax cuts for people and companies.

One message is ringing loud and clear: Don't touch my deduction.


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