Confirm Business Activity via Mobile App

Confirm Business Activity

via Deductr Mobile App


Recording the activity associated with your business demonstrates that you are a legitimate home business owner, and not someone merely engaged in a hobby.

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When adding future activities, the Deductr Mobile App will prompt you to confirm the business activity. Once you have confirmed the activity, it will appear on your Activity Report. 

To Track Time & Activity via the Deductr Mobile App, click here

To Track Time & Activity via the Deductr Web Version, click here.  


Confirm Business Activity

From the Action Screen, go to the Confirm Tab.


 Click Activity to Confirm


NOTE: If button is grayed out, there are no activities to confirm at this time.


 From your list of activities, select the Activity you wish to Confirm 


NOTE: To remove an activity, click the Trash icon (can delete multiple). This action cannot be undone.  

Review information, edit if necessary, and Submit 



Go to the Activity screen in the Deductr Web Version to view your Activity



NOTE: You can remove or edit an activity by clicking on the line item. You can remove multiple activities by using Bulk Actions.   

View your Activity Report in Reports







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