Add a New Vehicle

Do you use more than one vehicle for your business?

Deductr has you covered, no matter what vehicle you drive!


How To Add a New Vehicle

In the web version, go to the Mileage screen.  



On the left menu, click +Add next to Vehicles.  



Complete the following fields:
Vehicle Name - Example: 2014 Ford F150
Date Placed in Service - Enter the date you began using this vehicle for your business.
Default Vehicle - If you use multiple vehicles for your business, designate the primary vehicle used as your default vehicle. 


You're Done!
View New Vehicles in Deductr web version & Mobile App




The following items are recommended for each vehicle you use for business:  

1. Date a vehicle was placed in service for your business, 

2. Date for each mileage log,  

3. Distance travelled for each mileage log,  

4. Destination & Business Purpose, and 

5. Total miles for the year for each vehicle.


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