Update Tax Jurisdiction - U.S., Canada & International

Deductr is available worldwide!

United States

Canada International
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Formatted with IRS tax code. Formatted with CRA tax code. Full tracking & reporting functionality as the US and Canadian versions. However, not specifically formatted for a particular tax code.






Update Jurisdiction in Deductr web version:

1. Go to Setup Screen_Shot_2017-08-17_at_2.11.37_PM.png
2. Go to MyBusiness Tax Years Screen_Shot_2017-08-21_at_11.34.46_PM.png
3. Select desired Tax Jurisdiction  Screen_Shot_2017-08-21_at_11.35.47_PM.png
4. Click OK to save Screen_Shot_2017-08-21_at_11.37.05_PM.png





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