June 2017


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In This Issue:

  • LIVE Deductr Training Webinar - 6/20
  • You Got an Audit Notice - Now What?
  • Honest Selling Secrets from a Dishonest Man
  • Most Overlooked Form of Marketing
  • Laff Trax: Finding Humor in Taxes

You Got an Audit Notice - Now What?


It’s unlikely that you’ll be audited — the IRS audits less than 1% of the tax returns it receives. If an audit notice does show up, though, tax pros say there are a few basic steps you can take to steady yourself.

Make sure you’re actually being audited

People sometimes confuse an IRS adjustment notice with one for an audit, says Seattle-based CPA Robert Loe. (You can look up the types of notices here.) Adjustment notices come, for example, when the IRS finds a math error or discrepancy between your tax return and its records, and may offer instructions and information about changes to your tax bill.

“That’s not an audit,” Loe notes.

Here are some points to be familiar with if that notice ever ends up in your mailbox.


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