Ensure that your version of Safari is up to date to ensure full functionality of Deductr.  

To get the latest version of Safari, install the latest macOS.

To keep Safari up to date for an earlier macOS, install the latest updates for that macOS. 

Follow the steps below to ensure you are on the latest version: 
  1. Open you Apple Mac App Store app in the dock.
  2. Click now on the updates tab.
  3. Wait few minutes for checking on updates is done. If you see there is a new Mac OSX update click and download the free update.

Remove cookies and other data

Websites often store cookies on your hard disk. Cookies help websites identify you when you return so the site can provide services for you and show information that might be of interest to you.
Important: Changing your cookie preferences or removing cookies in Safari may change or remove them in other apps, including Dashboard.
  1. Open Safari if it is not already open.
  2. Choose Safari > Preferences, and then click Privacy.
  3. Click Details.
  4. Select one or more websites that stores cookies, and then click Remove or Remove All.
  5. When you finish removing websites, click Done.



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